Do We Level Up?

Galandria: Episode 13: Road to Rohind

February 20, 2021 A rag tag group of nerds Season 1 Episode 13
Do We Level Up?
Galandria: Episode 13: Road to Rohind
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Show Notes

Hey all! Sorry for the delays we've been having in updating episodes. We've had some real life stuff going on between new jobs, crashing computers, family things, etc. We lost a few of our episode recordings so there will be a few episodes recapped in character coming up that will catch y'all up on what is missed in the sessions. Technology! :) Thanks for sticking with us! We are really loving this story we're telling and hope you are enjoying it too!

The peacekeepers have continued forward, leaving behind Harpy's Cove and continuing into the planes. Within a few days, the group encountered a very small griffin that seemed interested in the group. After some feeding, the griffin began to fly off before it was ambushed by a giant griffin. A quick fight had us dispatch the griffin, with the small one's parent flying in near the end to protect its child. Concluding our business, we continued on and got shit talked by some goblins and saw some ogres with a fancy shiny chest. While on the road, we met up with a traveling group of brothers leaving Rohind, who told us that the city has nothing but trouble...

     Continuing forward, we saw a smoke stack in the distance. We arrived and helped a family fend off an orc attack, and they kindly repaid us with dinner and a good night's rest. The next day we set off, and after a few days we arrived at Rohind.... and it did not live up to expectations. We met with the head of the Knights who seemed extremely tired and busy and decided to take to an inn for the night. The end of session heralded the departure of Odalf, our dear and beloved friend as he traveled West to find an old friend to tell about what's happening in Rohind.

As always, we’d like to thank the amazing artists who have let us use their music for Do We Level Up? Check out their links below!

 A.J at Swordcoast Soundscapes ( The Fiechter Brothers ( Travis Savoie at RP Music Maker ( Michael Ghelfi ( Ean Grimm ( Alexander Nakarada ( Who are all very talented composers that have generously allowed up to use the wonderful pieces we used in in this podcast. If you’re looking for quality music to enhance your own home campaigns we definitely suggest checking all of their wonderful work if you haven’t already.

Help support our podcast! We are hoping to raise some funds to hire an editor! Onwards and upwards! 

Huge shoutout to Epidemic Sound for the music for our show!

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