Do We Level Up?

Galandria Episode 12: A Near Miss

December 24, 2020 A rag tag group of nerds Season 1 Episode 12
Do We Level Up?
Galandria Episode 12: A Near Miss
Show Notes

Session began as we quickly decided that a talk with Lavinia couldn’t possibly screw us over. With a promise that we’d be able to leave right after, we were escorted to her office. She told us that she was aware of the things we’ve done, but for our assistance we’d be free to continue on without tarnished names. Perhaps a little too hastily we agreed, telling her that she can contact us for help whenever as long as we got out. With that, the meeting came to a quick close as the Peacekeepers rode out of Sanlow, continuing their journey north to Rohind. A small trek in the desert marked the end of the abhorrent landscape as we moved into plains. We continued into a valley where we were attacked by savage vulture creatures known as harpies. Discovering an overturned wagon, it had seemed that a previous group had fallen victim to the harpies. We investigated and managed to find the whole group, injured but not dead. Taking some shinies along the way, we helped these folks set their wagon back up and gave them directions to Woodpine. With that, we continued forward unto a new horizon and new adventure...

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