Do We Level Up?

Galandria Episode 11: Crime and Prejudice

December 17, 2020 A rag tag group of nerds Season 1 Episode 11
Do We Level Up?
Galandria Episode 11: Crime and Prejudice
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Show Notes

We started session with the finale of the fighting pits. A truly convincing fight between Shaw and Heskan ended in the victory of the Crab Brawler, earning her recognition from many and truly upsetting the competition. This led to Vashti and Heskan entering the back room and negotiating with the troll, setting a price for Rhoki and Rascier. With some charm and wit, Vashti managed to lowe the price at the cost of forcing herself through dinner with the man. A quick dinner and one dead troll later, we found out that the dragonborn were being kept in a separate building, where the true Javier was hiding. After some murder, we panicked and head to the bath house, where we formulated a plan to both save Heskan's sister and murder Javier. We decided that Vashti, Mada and Rhoki would head towards the auction house to save Darci while Heskan, Shaw and Rascier would go take out Javier. To be frank, the plans seemed to work out the best ways that they could, but we were stopped mere seconds before bursting through the gates of Sanlow. We pick up as guards tell us that Lavinia wants to have a small chat with us at perhaps the most inopportune time...

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