Do We Level Up?

Galandria Episode 57: Deep Breaths

June 15, 2023 Season 1 Episode 57
Do We Level Up?
Galandria Episode 57: Deep Breaths
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Show Notes

Wow y' sorry for the horrid delays in uploading episodes. We really need to hire an editor with all of us having full time jobs, but for that we need disposable income. Haha. So for the time being while Laura, our editor, is learning how to balance a new job, editing the podcast and time for herself, episodes will be more sporadic. Luckily there's quite a stockpile to catch up for any new listeners! We appreciate you sticking with us while we keep trying to do our best.

This episode we find our heroes exploring a creepy abandoned temple. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Huge shoutout to Epidemic Sound for the music for our show!

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