Do We Level Up?

Galandria Episode 25: Unexpected Encounters

September 15, 2022 A rag tag group of nerds Season 1 Episode 25
Do We Level Up?
Galandria Episode 25: Unexpected Encounters
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Show Notes

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we lost the episode out at sea. :( Eve gives a fantastic recap of what happened so be sure to listen! So sorry about that. We struggled a lot with the Discord recording bot in these earlier episodes. I promise we get it sorted out!

Our adventurers find themselves in the company of a forgetful gnome on our way to Azergron. He gives us a place to stay and in exchange we test out some of his latest inventions...nothing could possibly go wrong.

As always, we thank our talented composers who provide the music for our podcast. Check their links out below!
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The Fiechter Brothers ( Travis Savoie at RP Music Maker (
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Epidemic Sound (

Help support our podcast! We are hoping to raise some funds to hire an editor! Onwards and upwards! 

Huge shoutout to Epidemic Sound for the music for our show!

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